What wine goes with my date?

It never ceases to amaze me what they’ll find as a part of the Wine Life. Match.com has conducted a survey of more than 2,300 single men and women nationwide and found that 62 percent believe that their date’s choice of beverage provides insight into their lifestyle, and 52 percent felt that it is indicative of their
personality. More specifically, single Americans overwhelmingly choose wine to reflect their personalities
and lifestyles on the all-important first date over any other beverage; including beer, specialty cocktails, sparkling water and soda. But the survey gets curiouser and curiouser as you learn more about it.

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Juice Round-up – Wine Reviews

Here are the reviews from last week. Some interesting ones including the final posting for Wine Blogging Wednesday #5 – Wacky Names.

Collectively, the blogs of the world represent a little less “high and mighty” and more of an approachable view of wines they’ve tasted. In fact, they often rebuke “the establishment” of wine. More approachable wine discussions are good for everyone. Wine Blogs of the world make good reading and more often then not they find some smaller winery wines that may get overlooked elsewhere. Enjoy the Wine Life!

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Just chill – Snazzy plug-in wine cooler

The “VinChilla” has a catchy name and for $99 you get a gadget you can plug in to cool you’re wine in less than 4 minutes (from room temperature)… Or, stick them in the Freezer for 10 minutes and use the $100 for a few nice bottles of wine. But I split hairs…

I am finding there is definitely a class of wine gadgets that really is for the person who has too much stuff…this is definitely one of them.

Go Fish – No more cork fragments

Here’s an interesting gadget – The Cork Fish. Interesting because there have been a couple of times where a cork breaks and the only recourse is to push it into the bottle. Problem with that – cork chunks in the wine the rest of dinner.

This gadget proposes to solve that.

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“Fat Bastard Merlot”…Brilliant!

(FYI…I took that title from the TV Commerical for beer with the two british scientists…its not totally random)

Our wine review for Wine Blogging Wednesday #5 – Wacky Names – is a cheeky merlot with a catchy name “Fat Bastard” Merlot 2003. The label points out that it’s “named after the British expression describing a particularly rich and full wine.” For $8.99 a bottle it was perfect for tasting for the WBW#5.

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