Another Web 2.0-ish tweak…Typepad specific

One more look-and-feel change that I find useful but, unfortunately, is not cross-blog-platform is the the tweak now available for Typepad called “Category Cloud”.  Instead of a list of categories, which I’ve have for a

couple years, Typepad enables a cloud of categories with the size of the font controlled by the number of posts in the category.  So if it has large font, there are more posts in the category.  Wine blogs sometimes have many categories so I really like this as visual organization for the blog posts.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

In case you are wondering what I’m drinking today…

We’ll see how this goes but Web 2.0 and AJAX is slowly changing the face of the Internet so it only makes sense that it changes the face of Vivi’s Wine Journal.

We’ve added live chat to Vivi’s Wine Journal! Powered by Meebo, a universal Web-based IM front end, you can now chat with either Kelly or myself (I’m a bigger tool so probably me) about whatever’s on your mind in realtime. On the left side of the blog you’ll notice the “Wine Chat”. I’m using Meebo to manage my IM sessions. This has a couple of HUGE advantages – many IM clients, zero loading time, and I can use it from any PC I’m sitting at. Recently funded by Sequoia Capital, Meebo is giving IM a Web 2.0 update and I applaud the effort LOUDLY.

Give it a try!

I think Vivi’s is headed in an interesting direction. I’ve always shyed away from wine reviews and tasting notes and stuck to reviewing and talking about other things about “The Wine Life”. There are many many ways the technologies I’m exposed to everyday in my career since leaving MIT and living in Silicon Valley that can change the face of the wine industry. I’m going to spend a bunch of time looking at them and create a bit of a resource for Wine Technology that helps the wine community interact. Because, after all, everyone who loves wine, regardless of experience level, is on a journey that rivals the journey of trying to master Golf. I’ve always reviewed gadgets and trinkets so this isn’t too off the current mission for Vivi’s Wine Journal. But I think I’ll concentrate on this area for a few months here and see how it goes.

For now, let’s chat!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Wine is becoming a study in new media…

So there are questions abound about what new web technology and media and how it interacts with the community.  Some say that new media isn’t going to work well with wine.  Others (myself included) believe wine is the perfect niche for the latest “virtual community” or “Web 2.0” technology and new media outlets.

Just came across a good example today –  This is effectively a television network about wine in Sonoma County.  Right now it consists of two shows and, while not “NBC” level of production value but its not half bad.  Multiple camera angles and smooth jump cut implies some level of production sofistication beyond me, my camcorder, and some PC importing software.

The show that was pointed out to me is called “What Lukka Likes”.  Here’s how the site describes it:

What Lukka Likes: An Adventure in Sonoma County Wine Tasting,” is a wine review show. Shot on location at Access Healdsburg TV Studios, “What Lukka Likes” is an objective look at the diversity of Sonoma County wines. Our host, and man of the world, Barndiva’s Lukka Feldman, broadcasts weekly with a smattering of local wine celebrities and Sonoma County color.

Lukka Feldman is a character but in a world where just about anyone can do some of these that might help in the long run.  The information is actually interesting, if you’re interested in watching a tasting.  I would suggest more “tutorial” style to just talking about what appear to be random selections connected to a theme.

Wine is a niche full of immense amounts of content just waiting to be unleashed with new technology.  Nice work Lukka.  Nod to narrowcast pioneer Tim at Winecast for blazing this trail…

Enjoy the Wine Life!

New: Link snapshots powered by

Cool little feature I added to the Vivi’s – float your mouse over any link and instantly see a snapshot of the site it refers to…

Try these:

Pretty cool huh?  Its easy to do.  Go check out and follow the step by step instructions and welcome yourself to the wonderful world of javascript!