Analysis of Bullshit in Wine Writing…Enjoy!

We will be entirely impressionistic in discussing the lack of agreement among wine writers because the purpose of this essay is to discuss the bullshit factor in what they put down on paper. But the numerical scores that all wine writers nowadays employ, the so-called Parker scores, vary among each other, and sometimes vary by quite a bit more than one would like for forming a reliable judgment. And this is well underscored by the experience of the Liquid Assets Wine Group: a stable group of eight persons who have been doing regular, blind wine tastings for about ten years. They are all experienced wine drinkers and yet in many cases (not in the majority of cases but in a sizeable minority) the disagreements are substantial. The relatively ideal conditions of this group do not hold for wine writers who, with rare exceptions, do not taste the wines that they write about blind, nor do they taste the same set of wines together on the same occasion, and hence their views are, at best, compromised. 

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Interesting to read and whether you agree or disagree its a topic thats been debated for years in the wine bloggosphere.  Enjoy!