Analysis: WINERIES and new Facebook capabilities…this is BIG!

I’ve been noodling the changes to Facebook for a while now and for a user its very interesting as long as you’re careful.

I want to address WINERIES for a minute.

Guys and Gals – I’ve posted and evangelized the wine life value chain and while I don’t post to my blog often since my beautiful two princesses where born, I still think constantly about helping wineries get better at this whole social media/direct consumer interaction thing.  Nothing, in my mind, is more suited to wineries than Social Media and personalization.

That is exactly why I need to take a minute out and let you know this:  Facebook’s announcements at the f8 developers conference is HUGE step for wineries. 

To date, the only site I’ve seen get it right is WineQ.  In fact, I helped the owners with their business plan.  I still believe, given the right funding and the motivations of the owners, that this site would be huge.  The basis is, it leverages your social graph (i.e. you network of friends) and recommends wines to purchase.

Simple concept but in product development I’ve found that simple concepts are always require the most engineering.

Anyway, this is my posterous blog so my point:  Facebook has announced “Open Graph” which allows sites to instantly personalize the browsing experience.  Wineries RUN DON’T WALK to embrace this.  Its simple.

As you surf to a page you can “Like” stuff.  Then, all of your friends will see the post.  More importantly, when your friend goes to that site, he/she will see the “Like” ON YOUR PAGE and also see who among their friends HAS ALSO LIKED THAT PAGE.

First step for wineries – PUT THAT ON EVERY PAGE OF YOUR E-COMMERCE SITE.  As I surf your site I can “Like” it.  That will drive my friends to look at your wine.  They will see which of THEIR friends has also “Liked” that wine.  And all these folks can be “sold to”.

Its like people instantly referring their friends to your winery and those people instantly walking into the tasting room!  You just have to get them to buy while they’re there.

Open Graph is only the beginning.  Read up on it.  Learn it.  As winery owners, you are ALREADY living in a word-of-mouth world.  Jump into this with both feet.


So go here first. Get started.  Read every book you can about it.  Ask Vintank for help.  If you use Vin65 or Inertia or someone else tell them you want this ASAP on your site.  Email me when you do.  I’ll start tasting and recommending to my friends.  Here’s a pic.