Wine Web 2.0 done right…

Web 2.0, Social Networking, the next bubble, what ever you want to call it I’ve found it difficult to find alot of use in some of these social-oriented web site.  I like for my technology news so I experimented with a wine version called Wine Life Today.  For the limited marketing (i.e. only to my faithful readers) that I did its been really successful circulating some extremely interesting wine news around.  As soon as I can get out of this busy period of my life we’ll see if we can’t kick that up even more.

But there were a couple other “web 2.0” sites created with a wine theme that got sent to me.  The one I found most interesting was Cork’d, a site where you can create cellar notes and share them with your “friends” network.  You can also get recommendations from friends.  Stuff like that.  I think on week in March I got 4 such sites forwarded to me to review.  All similar, and all lacking something. 

One day while I was developing Wine Life Today, I thought about those other Web 2.0 wine sites and thought if they could take my notes and tags and make recommendations for wines that would be cool.  Even cooler is if you could make a recommendation engine that would go through a database of wines that were tagged by the producers and based on my ratings of other wines (which are also tagged), send me wines that I should like as a sort of super-custom wine club.  “That would ROCK!”, I thought.  Being the tool that I am I started to research how it could be done.  I even briefly put up a survey about wine clubs on this wine blog and sent out a bottle of wine to a randomly selected participant to learn more about what drives people to use wine clubs.  (By the way, most people answering were participating in wine clubs to try new wines based on reliable recommendations!  Thats called market validation of the concept).  Next thing I knew, I ran across – a full blown implementation of of exactly what I thought a wine Web 2.0 wine site should be.

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