Apple and Wi-Fi: what to do next?

I suppose it was inevitable or at least one of only 2 possible outcomes but Apple is killing off Airport line of WiFi stuff.

I’m looking for advice here. I have lots of friends and associates that are way better at current WiFi than I am (I’ve been out of the industry for a couple years now). I’m not big on swapping my home networks and my Apple crap has been stable for multiple years.

So my question is this: What’s the best replacement for home WiFi in a house with lots of streaming boxes, distance and interference galore? A couple of Ethernet drops but not everywhere. Ideally one SSID with good handoff capability and decent security/config controls (without being and engineer’s CMD line interface).

I’m serious. This switch will be hundreds of dollars for me so I’m looking to virtual experts’ thoughts.

Anyone? Please leave your thoughts as a comment so we can ask questions!