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Bluetooth peripheral device driver solution – Windows 7

I tried several other solutions but none of them worked perfectly as the last one that I tried after vigorously searching online.
Here’s what I did when bluetooth on Windows 7 PCs that I had, didn’t work with my iPhone:

– Download the ‘Windows Mobile Device Center’ ( current version is 6.1 ) which you can download it from
this works for both Vista and Windows 7. I’ve tried it on both.

– Install the downloaded software but it may not look like it worked on Windows 7 PCs. Vista automatically configured the settings on the bluetooth devices but for those who have Windows 7, here are the things you should do:

– Go to ‘Device Manager’ from ‘Control Panel’ -Or- just right-click on Computer Icon and choose ‘Properties’ and then click on ‘Device Manager’.

– You’ll see an ‘Unknown Device’ named ‘Bluetooth Peripheral Device’

– Right-Click it and click on “Update Driver Software” -Or- anyway you find it easy to bring up the Update driver window.

Click “Browse My Computer for Driver Software” button.

Click “Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my computer”.

– Select ‘Bluetooth Radio’ from the list if it asked you to select and then in the next window, it will show a list of drivers with Company Names in one list and Drivers in another. In the Company List choose ‘Microsoft Corporation’, not only Microsoft.

– From the drivers list there may be one or more drivers with the name “Windows Mobile-Based Device Support” with different driver versions. Select one or the latest.

– Ignore any warnings and keep pressing next and then Finish at last. If all goes well, the last screen will show the message that device driver is successfully installed.

Now, after manually updating the driver for your bluetooth device, in ‘Device Manager’ when you click on ‘Bluetooth Radios’, it should display one more item which will say ‘Windows Mobile-based device support’.

There are few more things that you want to pay attention to. If you have already added the device in your ‘bluetooth device list’ that didn’t work, then remove the device and add it again. After you add it, you might need to restart the computer if it gave you a connection problem error message.

Every PCs that had Windows 7 and Vista worked after installing this software and I hope it will work for you too.
I have added some more options here to fix this

Rajiv Singh Suwal

Surprisingly this got my iPhone to connect to my Windows7 PC without any errors via bluetooth. Now it’d be cool if I could use that connection to transfer files!

Cork’d shutting down: The Final Tasting Note

Basically, a pure tasting note site is just another social network. It was a big community and it had that going for it, but there wasn’t another route to revenue. I know from personal experience that just building a community can be very satisfying and gratifying (making connections, seeing businesses flourish, providing a service to a community you really enjoy) but keeping that community active goes beyond charity because its all take with little return – which ultimately isn’t sustainable.

On the tasting note side: In theory, the idea of keeping tasting note repository seems like a good idea but the reality is its mathematically extremely difficult since wine changes every year and the same winery has a different set of wines every year.

I speculate that even the largest site (CellarTracker) doesn’t have a critical mass of users. Its easily the most useful, but I don’t think its got critical mass…yet. You can easily get on there and search for a wine and not find relevant reviews. The number of wines and wineries and the fact they change every year makes the possible hit rate extremely low unless there are just a HUGE number of users. The more the users the bigger the “cache” will be (the small percentage of wines that cause the greatest number of hits) and the better the site will be. I had a couple MIT buddies kick it around with me and its just not doable without massive investment in user base. There has to be more value then a community and their tasting notes.

I’ve theorized that for years and Cork’d just proved it. It has to be a feature of a larger idea.

Cork’d was cool though. Too bad.

What about Vinfolio? The tasting note portion is a feature of their marketplace and “white glove” service. I actually love their execution. Its a case study; winetrepreneurs should bone up on what Steve did over there with his team (or maybe go to Harvard B-school 🙂

Confirmed: iOS 4.3 to bring Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot to GSM/AT&T iPhone

Confirmed: iOS 4.3 to bring Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot to GSM/AT&T iPhone

by Chris Oldroyd, Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011, 37 Comments

According to a Boy Genius source, and as reported yesterday, iOS 4.3 will definitely be coming to all iPhones and include the Hotspot feature which we saw at the Verizon event yesterday. Accoring to the source, the OS version will be 8F5148b and will have a baseband 04.08.00.

The release will not be until sometime in March however; so do not expect it to hit GSM devices as soon as the Verizon iPhone is launched, we are going to have to wait a little while longer. Also like we said yesterday, we imagine that the feature will be very dependent on your carriers approval, as will any surcharges for it. Maybe AT&T will take the opportunity to be an early adopter to keep existing customers and attract new ones too, here’s hoping!

Just as a refresher, the Personal Hotspot feature will allow up to five Wi-Fi devices to connect to and share your iPhone’s cellular data connection.


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Seriously, there really is no reason for me to care about the Verizon iPhone. My AT&T coverage is great and I’ll never switched. It has saved my ass in some VERY random places where I’ve had car trouble.

People bitching about the coverage really do have some random problems and I really believe its the squeaky wheel.

Go ahead, switch to Verizon. Hope you have fun not surfing while you talk on that shitty excuse they have for 3G.

I am an AT&T fan. Suck it.