Gizmodo’s Essential iPad Apps

Gizmodo's Essential iPad AppsThe iPad App Store is open! Here are the best of the apps so far—the ones you’ll actually want when you finally get your iPad.

This guide will be updated multiple times this weekend, since apps are still flowing in by the hundred. Also, check up on our app review marathon liveblog, running all day today.

You might notice a few things about these apps: A lot of them are iPhone carryovers, and a lot of them cost more than you might be used to in the App Store economy. Both are valid observations! But for a first batch, these apps do look rather spectacular.

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3 Characteristics of a Real Team – Management Tip of the Day

AUGUST 23, 2011
3 Characteristics of a Real Team
The word “team” is so commonly used in today’s organizations, most managers are oblivious to its true meaning. Here are three characteristics a group must have to be considered a real team, and to maximize its potential:

  • A meaningful and common purpose. This is more than an outside mandate from the top of the organization. To be successful, the team must develop and own
    its purpose.
  • Adaptable skills. Diverse capabilities are important. Effective teams rarely have all the skills they need at the outset. They develop them as they learn what their challenge requires.
  • Mutual accountability. You can’t force trust and commitment. Agreeing on the team’s goals is the first moment at which team members forge their accountability to one another.

Nice, concise, simple, and very true!

Need help from any Mac using techie stud muffins out there

I need help and if you have an answer please comment!


When I’m working with MS Office documents I often need to switch between documents quickly. In Windows, you press “Cntrl + Tab” and it switches from one document to another. On the MacOS, that flips you to a whole different application, not two windows in the same application (i.e. switch between documents).

Is there a Mac Office keyboard shortcut from flipping between two documents in the same Office application?

(still ramping up on my “Mac as a enterprise platform” education – only 6 weeks into using absolutely no Windows products  🙂