1000 Best Wine Secrets…maybe

I recently received a copy of the book “1000 Best wine secrets“, a book that proclaims to contain all the information novice and experienced wine drinkers need to feel at home in any restaurant, home or vineyard.

Well, I can say that its a pretty quick read, structured literally as a list of quick blurbs about wine. I was able to consume most of it on a flight from San Jose to D.C. Its structured so that you can read sections out of order, skipping to which ever section sounds interesting.

I actually found the tips about wine, tasting, storage, etc… pretty useful, to the point, and full of very relevant information. The “Old World” wine sections (about French, Italian, etc…) were informative but re-confirmed exactly why I can’t get into those wines. Even in a quick, easily absorbed book like this, there’s no short cut to learning about Old World wines. You flat out have to read and remember a bunch of random French regions and their associated wines. Now this book did give me a picture of how that could be interesting by outlining a little bit of what to expect from each region, but there’s no way I’ll remember it without some serious study (and wine is a love and a hobby – I commend this book for trying to create a basic outline but, through no fault of its own, it falls short).

Overall, this is a good reference book that probably could’ve been broken up into multiple smaller reference books and made more money. At $12.95 USD retail, its probably worth having around to read and reference.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

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