Silver Oak doesn’t burn well

Silver Oak Cellars winery is estimating they lost about $2 million worth of wine in a fire at their winery in Oakville yesterday.  A spokesman for the winery says the wine destroyed was Silver Oak’s Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, the more expensive of their cabernet appellation which sells for about $100 a bottle.

Other wines still in fermenters were protected by a fire wall. Silver Oak also stores some its wines in Napa and St. Helena.<

The cause is still under investigation but a man with the following description was seen fleeing the winery:

White male, 5’ 10”, skinny, thin mustache, wearing a beret.  He was seen running away from the winery after dropping what appeared to be a military rifle and yelling “Oh mondieu, we surrender, we surrender!”

 (editorial note: story is true, I added the last part)

Make Mine Italian

This contributed wine review comes to us from Eve C. White at

Make Mine Italian
Wines from Tuscany and Piedmont
by Eve C. White

A modern renaissance of winemaking in Italy is making wine lovers and critics stand up and take notice. In the 20th century, wine in Italy frequently meant low-cost, low quality and high volume – think straw covered bottles – with little to get excited about. However, things have changed in past 25 years and thanks to new laws further regulating Italian vintners, the standard of winemakers in that country is reaching new levels of excellence.

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Its the World Cup, Stupid!

I just had to post a quick note because the radio announcer on the local sports talk radio called the World Cup a “big soccer tournament this summer in Germany”.

The Olympics hosts a “big soccer tournament”.  The local YMCA hosts a “big soccer tournament”.  This is the World Cup, you can at least recognize it by name!  Jeez.  The Superbowl is considered “huge” but lets make a quick comparison. 

Viewers:  Superbowl – about 146 million

Viewers:  World Cup – about 28.8 billion

You may not like soccer, but you better recognize (especially if you’re a marketer) what exposure that gives you.  Reebok sponsors football, Adidas is the main sponsor of soccer worldwide.  Did Reebok purchase Adidas?  Of course not.  Adidas swallowed up Reebok in late 2005.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching football and am a die-HARD Redskins fan.  But I grew up playing, watching, and loving soccer and I know its not popular in the US but to call it “the big soccer tournament in Germany” – from a SPORTS Radio station “KMBR – the sports leader” according to them – just gets my goat.

How can I tie this to wine…hmmm…

Well, not many soccer fans drink wine so I’ll take suggestions on your favorite wine with you favorite sport.  I tend to drink big (huge even) Australian Shiraz during sporting events because the food is random and really secondary to the drink that I’m having.

Lame, I know, but I want to at least tie my rants into wine somehow given this is “Vivi’s Wine Journal”…

Enjoy the Wine Life!