Go Fish – No more cork fragments

Here’s an interesting gadget – The Cork Fish. Interesting because there have been a couple of times where a cork breaks and the only recourse is to push it into the bottle. Problem with that – cork chunks in the wine the rest of dinner.

This gadget proposes to solve that.

First it has the main “spring” device that can go into the bottle, wrap around the cork, and fish it out (hence the name). The second thing it can do is inside the handle is a mesh that can go into the bottle and strain out any fragments should the cork breakup. Voila! No fragments.

Its just one of those gadgets where you know you could’ve thought of it but someone else did it first and now they’re going to make millions and, well, you’re not. Kind of like the paper clip. Hey, at least you can have cork-free wine.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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