Wineries Ahoy! – WineWeb brings it together

WineWeb is an interesting site that provides a service for wineries to sell online by being the wine e-commerce outsourcing spot for wineries. So smaller wineries can have a storefront without much effort. We discovered this site while exploring what wine business ideas could make money. We came up with this exact idea and, while researching the concept, found these guys already did it…no biggie, just back to the drawing board on that.

Anyway, this site seems to be humming along and that gives it a bunch of information in its database which is useful for the average consumer.

So while compiling all this information from wineries who are signing up for the service they are able to compile a database of information on their partners and other retail wine sites. Mining this information they have created a couple of services worth checking out:

Searchable Wine Club database
: We recently put up a spreadsheet of wine clubs that we had researched which we affectionately called “JuiceClub” directory. WineWeb used their database of wine information to create a searchable Wine Club directory. This I like. I’m hoping they put some Web Services of XML interfaces on it so that we can add it to Vivi’s. Its a nice resource. Even allows you to pull up only wine clubs that ship to your state (which hopefully won’t be needed soon enough – read about that on

Searchable Wine database: Well since they hookup budding wine retailers with Internet store fronts of COURSE they have this. Its seems to be robust as they have 22,000+ but doesn’t quite hold up to our favorite It missed a couple of easy searches we tried. But as long as it stays free its another worthwhile resource that might tap into some sources that Wine-Searcher doesn’t. It does have the nice “Ship To” field which is nice for narrowing down the choices to places that can actually serve you (something doesn’t do).

Closest Wineries: Planning a trip? Just enter the ZIP Code of your destination to find wineries in the area. Now thats pretty cool if you’re into wine tasting.

Its a contantly evolving work but they’re off and running with a pretty solid tool. So give it a try and Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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