What wine goes with my date?

It never ceases to amaze me what they’ll find as a part of the Wine Life. Match.com has conducted a survey of more than 2,300 single men and women nationwide and found that 62 percent believe that their date’s choice of beverage provides insight into their lifestyle, and 52 percent felt that it is indicative of their
personality. More specifically, single Americans overwhelmingly choose wine to reflect their personalities
and lifestyles on the all-important first date over any other beverage; including beer, specialty cocktails, sparkling water and soda. But the survey gets curiouser and curiouser as you learn more about it.

The greatest findings of the survey are this:

Personality perceptions associated with the top U.S. imported wine

— Ordering a wine from Australia conveys the message that a person is
adventurous (62 percent) and fun (32 percent).
— A person that drinks French wine is viewed as pretentious (76 percent)
and high-maintenance (65 percent).
— Sexy (40 percent) and stylish (37 percent) were personality traits used
to describe a person who orders a wine from Italy.

Granted, its not the most scientific study and won’t go into the journals of cognitive studies, but it goes to show that Enjoying the Wine Life can leads you to interesting human insights!

Other findings:

— The type of drink someone orders has the potential to pique the
interest of their prospective partners. When asked which person they
would be the most interested in meeting, respondents overwhelmingly
chose someone who orders wine from Australia (53 percent) over someone
who orders a vodka from Russia (18 percent), a beer from Belgium (15
percent) or a Port from Portugal (14 percent).
— Eighty-three percent of singles agree that a glass of wine can make an
already special moment even more romantic.
— Ordering a glass of wine for that special occasion does not have to be
expensive. Fifty-nine percent of women and 47 percent of men are not
willing to spend more than $25 on a bottle of wine on a first date.
— Overall, men were more likely than women to indicate that they have a
great knowledge of wine.

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Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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