Happy 3rd Birthday Vivi’s!

Well, my blog is growing up so fast…>sniff sniff<…

First, let me apologize for the bit of a hiatus. There’s just alot going on. I have development working on Wine Life Today, working on things with our friends at WineQ, a couple of major intiatives at my day job, construction at our house, and the best news of all…we are expecting another little addition to the family! So as you can imagine, I’ve taken a brief hiatus from my normal blogging but I have a backlog of great wines to review including a wine AND recipe combo from Wolf Blass!!!

So thanks for everyone’s support, well wishes, requests for more posts, and everything else. That past three years have meant alot to me in my wine adventures

and I owe a great deal of that to the community that supports this blog.

Keep the notes coming and as soon as life gives me a chance to take a breather I’ll be back on this microphone tasting, pontificating, and just generally yapping to all the wine lovers out there! Stay tuned!

A Wine Shop on The Row

Vintage Wine Merchant is a wine retailer that we thought we’d take a minute to highlight. While it seems every wine merchant coming about it trying to add some sort of value-add to make thier store a notch or two above just a liquor store or market, Vintage has a couple things going for it that we love.

First, location. Its located in the Santana Row shopping complex in Santa Clara, CA. For those not familiar with this shopping center just think Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade meets Boston’s Newbury Street. A high-end shopping experience with top notch restaurants that maintains a local feel by incorporating local retailers. It attracts all sorts of visitors from everywhere in the SF Bay Area. And Vintage was smart enough to pick this location and one can easily grab a nice bottle of wine after shopping so you can take it into a restaurant with you (most of the restaurants have corkage fees but thats a small price to pay for having exactly the wine you want).

Second, price. While Vintage has exceptional wines and very impressive decor the prices of the wines are very competitive for a retail wine shop. Even the most exotic wines are discounted quite a bit. This is from the owners heritage of dirt cheap prices when working and frequenting The Wine Club – a discount wine retailer in CA. The Wine Club, rumored to have suppliers in the “grey market” of wine, is a no-frills retailer that offers killer deals on top wines. All the owners of Vintage either worked at or visited The Wine Club frequently. The pedigree brings a discount business model to an upscale wine retailer resulting in some great values.

So if you’re looking for an upscale wine at a very competitive price should swing by Santana Row’s wine retailer – Vintage.

Vintage, thanks for helping us all Enjoy the Wine Life!