This New OLED Display Blows the Retina Away


Looks like the Dick Tracy wristwatch is ALMOST here… Combine this with Wi-Fi chipset technology form Eye-Fi (I met their VP of Product Marketing this weekend – very cool stuff) and you’re pretty close!

Turns out Eye-Fi (you know, the SD cards with Wi-Fi in them) actually achieve an effective transfer rate of 15Mbps over Wi-Fi from that tiny card – amazing. I don’t know what the power draw is but this plus that really isn’t from from a Dick Tracy watch!

This OLED sports “the world’s highest pixel density, stuffing an incredible 5.4 million gapless pixels into a 0.61-inch display.

For comparison, at 326 pixels per inch (ppi), the iPhone 4′s Retina display sports 614,400 pixels.

The manufacturer also claims the new display has a low power usage (0.2W), a maximum 100,000:1 contrast and a 96% uniformity, all of which make it ideal for defense, medical and professional camera applications.”