Quick, cool Keyboard hack for Mac – Using Microsoft Keyboards for Mac

Used to a Mac keyboard layout? Drive you nuts that the Command key is f’d up when you try to use a Microsoft keyboard?

Here’s a simple trick to get that PC keyboard that reverses your Command and Option keys:

Switching the Alt and Windows keys.

By default the Alt key on the keyboard is where the command key usually is and the windows key is where the Alt key usually is on a mac keyboard. This can easily be swapped in System Preferences, as long as you can remember you’ve made the swap and don’t rely on looking at the key names.

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys -> Microsoft® 2.4Ghz Transceiver v9.0 (from the drop down)
Change the Option Key to Command in the drop down, then change the Command Key to Option in the drop down. Click Ok.

Done! Now you don’t have to make your brain switch modes when you switch keyboards!!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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