This thing is rockin’ my world! Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth


I’ve been using this in my car for about a week and it’s just really really nice. I have to deal with kids in the morning so I take plenty of 8am meetings from the car. Headsets work but nothing tops the convenience of this (short of having the $3000 Technology package upgrade in my new car just for Bluetooth integration).

Here’s how i use it – Put it on the visor.  When I sit down, switch it on and it auto-connects to the phone.  Press the FM button so that it transmits through my speakers.  If a call comes in I can press the radio preset and answer the call.  Others tell me it sounds great (which I verified with my voicemail at work).

I also listen to a podcast of my favorite radioshows in the morning (I hate the local morning shows).  So I pipe this through the FM of the Jabra thingy as well.  Sweet.

If you’re rockin’ bluetooth headsets in the car (or fumbling around to get one when someone calls) you need to hook yourself up with this thing.  HIGHLY recommended!!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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