and iPhone – Small business MUST HAVES

If you’re a small business owner (consultants count obviously) then and their new iPhone App is an absolute must have. Beyond a doubt, unequivocally, absolutely the best thing ever. Simple – send your receipts to SB and they’ll process them for you and put them into a spreadsheet. You can sign up for the service and get mailing envelopes, you can scan them and email them to the service, or they just released the iPhone app that lets you take a picture of a receipt, make a note about it, and submit it and it is processed for you.

Run a report and you get a spreadsheet with all this info! DONE AND DONE!

This is near and dear to my heart this year as I get audited for expenses related to the Wine Bloggers’ Conference that I produced. If you submit a Schedule C for business expenses DO NOT GO ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT THIS COMBINATION. Starts at about $10 a month but its the most useful service I’ve seen since I started freelancing a few years ago.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

2 thoughts on “ and iPhone – Small business MUST HAVES”

  1. Fab! I was about to buy one of those little scanners because all of my those heat laser receipts from earlier in the year are now…white.


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