Get your #WBC09 Souvenir Bottles! (Measuring interest)


Etched Images, who created these wonderful bottles, is working with me to sell them as souvenirs to WBC attendees. The cost is $30, which is typically the price in quantities of 250 but Stu agreed to work with me to sell them for that price.

This is cost, nothing on the backend. I need to gauge interest then I’ll be taking orders. Interested? please leave a comment below!!!

If enough people want one I’ll work with Stu McFarland ( to put together an order form.


NOTE:  The bigger one in the image is a Magnum that is personalized.  Its $10 more for the magnum and I didn’t talk personalization with Stu but I suppose we could do that if the interest is there.

FAQ from Twitter:

1.  Will it be shipped to us?

A:  No, they’re being shipped to the show.  We’re not shipping them to homes.

FYI on that – Wine Skins could help people transport bottles home in their carry-on luggage – THat is from @stoc on Twitter, I don’t know anything about it.


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

6 thoughts on “Get your #WBC09 Souvenir Bottles! (Measuring interest)”

  1. @sharayray its red…Merlot I believe. Its safe to say that we’re not shooting to win gold medals with the wine. 🙂


  2. Sure, I’d like this as a souvenir. Probably the smaller bottle because of airplane travel, etc. And, I’d be interested in personalization of the 750 ml bottle. K.


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