#Story140 – Crowdsourcing Improv! Fun!

I had an idea that I’d like to get going.  You remember the old Improv game where there is a story and you pass it on to the next person, that person says a sentence or two, then you pass it on to the next person, who adds another couple sentences, and so on until you have a story?

I think that can be pretty cool if we do it with Twitter (and funny/fun if you think about it)!  I kicked around already with @winebratsf who is game (of course).

Just need a theme and then we can kick off a TweetMeme that’ll be a little less boring and a little easier than some of the others.

Here’s how it would work:

First person (me, I guess) posts a theme/topic blog post and tweets it out there.  The tweet should be “#story140 theme <date> <blog post link>”  (update: Forget the theme, lets just do it!)
*  First person then kicks it off with a tweet “<first sentence> #story140 @<nextperson>”
*  If you are the <next person>, then you Tweet “<next sentence> #story140 @<nextperson>”
*  And so on, and so on

Then a search on that tag should develop into something pretty interesting.  Think it over!  I’ll Tweet out the first topic and sentence and I’m more then a little open to suggestions!!!  Tweet topic idea or comment an idea to me on this post.

Cheers and let have a little Friday fun.  🙂

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

5 thoughts on “#Story140 – Crowdsourcing Improv! Fun!”

  1. When will you start the story, Joel? May we presume that one person can add to the story more than one time, but perhaps not with consecutive tweets?


  2. I didn’t catch the Twitter handle on the last commenter. The more the merrier!!! Leave ur Twitter ID and you’ll be first up next week.


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