Power Nap – #story140 for 6/26/2009

Mary took a deep breath and tried not to scream bloody murder, since she
was still in the office. Instead she(@joelvincent)…turned up Pandora,
tuned to 80s mod, and danced in her cube to Pet Shop Boys glancing
longingly at (@winebratsf)……asked the Pet Shop Boys if they want to
go walkies. Sure, they said, but can we also go to…(winecountrydog)
the time machine to go back to the 80’s when they still were cool and to
go see…(@sharayray)….Romeo Void. Still, the air in the room had
taken on a dark musty odor. Suddenly, the floor creaked!..(@winehiker)
..my hand reached out for something to grab as the floor gave way. I
stuck the landing, only to find myself staring..(@rickbakas)…at the
underside of her desk, she fell asleep Costanza style at work
again…THE END (@joelvincent)

 Until next week. Cheers!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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