Gizmodo – Linksys WRT160NL Is Fully Linux Powered, 802.11n, and Acts As Media Server – Linksys wrt160nl

After years of having people load custom Linux-based firmwares onto their routers, Linksys decided to just go ahead and make a router with Linux on there from the start. Computer Science grad students are all awkwardly high fiving each other.

The guts of the machine are a 400MHz processor, 32MB RAM, and 8MB flash memory, plus two external antennas for wider coverage. You can also stream media from USB drives through the USB port to UPnP devices. It’s 802.11n compliant, of course, and will retail for $120.

Main point? That it’s Linux-based, so people can shove apps on there like BitTorrent downloaders and whatever else you can find that runs on Linux. [Linksys]

As much as I’d like to make fun of this, if I bought one my evenings, weekends, and clients would be toast for weeks!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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