Is it me or is this guy a TOTAL douche bag?


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OK, so I’m trying to insure that the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Sonoma has good, solid Wi-Fi access.  I’ve spent a decade and a half in the networking industry and the last 8 years designing wireless products so when I setup a conference for 160+ BLOGGERS, i.e. many many laptops in the same room, I have my concerns because of the physical limitations of Wi-Fi.

So the hotel hooks me up with the contact information for their service provider (the Wi-Fi is outsourced which is typical for a hotel).  I send him a message stating exactly my concerns and pointing out that I’ve setup many tradeshow demos as well as conference networks that got hammered by a techie conference.  Here is the email that he sends back to me (understand, I am the hotel’s customer and I am selling out their hotel for this weekend and giving them untold exposure through media the whole weekend).  Is it me or is this dude kinda of a douche?

Dear Sirs-

There are a total of 19 APs interspersed throughout the hotel, not including extra devices occasionally set up by catering.  Depending on the unit, they’ll support from 12-36 users on the wireless (multiple internals).  This has been the design at the Flamingo since its initial design and installation, almost as if we knew what we were doing…

Please inform the users that the codes will be bound to the MAC address of the NIC they use at the time of connection and entry of the code.  They cannot switch computers and use the same code.  The time in contiguous and not broken up to when they are using the connection, ie: 3 hrs ≠ 9 hrs of 15 minute usage periods.

Also, be aware that the total bandwidth for the Hotel Guests use is 6mb/3mb.  Therefore, this should not be a time for these “HEAVY internet users” to download all the Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda videos as this type of abuse will naturally hinder the enjoyable experience that such a convention should foster, human dialogue and contact.

I hope that you enjoy your stay at the Flamingo and that all elements of your convention are a total success.


Maybe its me, I don’t know…

Updated: The hotel worked on the service provider to create a parallel network in the main conference area that will be supported by additional APs on non-adjacent channels and they committed to having staff on hand throughout the entire conference should this network shit the bed.  I feel better about the chances of success.


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

5 thoughts on “Is it me or is this guy a TOTAL douche bag?”

  1. can’t help laughing, it better work!!! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”can’t help laughing, it better work!!! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”″}}}


  2. Clearly I don’t have to tell you that your concern is understandable. When I was in New York City at the Web 2.0 Expo a few weeks ago they had intermittent Wi-Fi issues. It was down on occasion, keynote speeches were delayed (Arianna Huffington) due to technical difficulties (wi-fi went out). Ummmm, so, New York City, the Javits Conference Center, Web 2.0 …any of those might give you the clue that they also felt “…almost as if they knew what we were doing.”

    I have also produced professional theatre and events…live is live, and shit ALWAYS goes wrong…the question is, will any one in the audience notice? We hope that the answer is “no”. But Production Managers (or IT Managers at the Hotel) with the “what could possibly go wrong” attitude can guarantee that not only will SOMETHING go wrong, but the audience will DEFINITELY notice.

    And regardless of whether the hotel is at fault or not, it is YOUR show. (I mean that in a most supportive way…CYA, JuiceCowboy!)


  3. Joel,
    First of all, it was reallynice meeting you this weekend at the conference. In an age of social media, it’s nice to socialize in person! Second of all, yeah, his remarks were pretty sarcastic and what’s more there were glitches (took me 45 mins to get logged on at live blogging) but we appreciate all your obvious hard work in trying to insure that things went off without a hitch. Thank you so much for setting up the conference, which I enjoyed both on a professional and a personal level.


  4. definitely clueless. and egotistical too. totally underestimated the demand.

    I too had problems on and off the whole conference, especially during the unconference when a bunch of us were sitting around on-line trying to do stuff and after that session a number of people were trying to work on-line too and having problems.

    Maybe it was the Jane Fonda videos we were watching…

    I did have a great experience at Wordcamp in SF at the UCSF Bay center. We had plenty of bandwidth–no one had complaints and it was extremely easy to jump on and off.


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