If a Facebook Group crashes and no one is around to hear it…

Wine2.0 Facebook group. Its definitely an association that has potential but I wonder if the FB group that was created for the purpose of perpetuating Wine2.0 hasn’t done a disservice to the movement itself.

What I have found in the past is that FB groups are simply glorified bulletin boards. A community needs interactivity, networking opportunities, offline events, party hats, balloons…ok, maybe not party hats and balloons but you get my drift.

So, on day 2 of my reign (or is it 3?) here is what I find – the group is still active (there are still people joining), but it won’t be for long. What I also find is this – the group needs a purpose. Here are some suggestions:

* Create a standard for wine entries that facilitates eCommerce

* Become a resource for wine companies to learn about web technologies

* Create a venue to review new companies and award the best company with funding or business or both

I’m completely open. There is alot of potential there. I guess a basic tenet of the group will be to promote and evangelize the use of Web2.0+ technologies throughout the wine industry.

Thoughts anyone?

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

3 thoughts on “If a Facebook Group crashes and no one is around to hear it…”

  1. Totally agree – groups are one of the worst designed parts of facebook, but since it seems to be based around dating I guess groups that do more than this are not required

    I think it would be easy enough to use facebook to drive traffic to a separate group – although they might object if it became too successful. They also seem a little concerned about wine advertising, so it might get a red flag there too.

    Wine 2.0 should not be just about blogging, or even just about online stuff. It is about new sorts of relationships, and these do require some face to face opportunities as well. I’d love to know more about new businesses, new ideas and also to tap into new conversations, but I don’t think facebook really allows for that.

    If you think of an alternative, count me in.


  2. Rob,

    I hope you don’t mind my post here as you indicated you’d like to know about new businesses. I have created a site for the newly initiated wine enthusiasts. I have found that many wine sites cater to the intermediate and expert wine afficionados. Mine, is different.

    You can find it at:

    wine rackretail wine rack


  3. I didn’t even know there was a wine 2.0 group on Facebook. I was too busy throwing sheep at and buying drinks for friends. I enjoy my Facebook time but don’t think of it as a place where I go to be serious about anything (hence my policy on not friending current co-workers). Perhaps the group could migrate to OWC, which I think would eliminate the less serious.


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