WLT Badge Gallery coming online!

You know those cool “Digg This” badges on a whole bunch of sites? Pretty nice viral marketing huh? What they serve to do is create a way for cross promotion. We’ve had success using the Feedburner “Toast This!” link but it has cause problems that require attention from time to time (you may notice them disappearing occasionally).

Well, I’ve created a WLT Chicklet/badge gallery that I’ll be adding simple Javascript code and badges to. This will allow you to add WLT vote counts and links into every post. I’m also working on a WordPress plugin to make this a no-brainer for WordPress. I’ve also e-mailed “AddThis.com” to see if I can get into that little widget they have. We’ll see about that.

I have to give credit to Strumerika on the small chicklet design. Her graphic was cool. I haven’t reached her yet so I may be violating some kind of copyright in which case I’ll take it down (you won’t have to do anything, the graphic is server-based) and change it.

If you want a custom one, they’re pretty easy for me to change. Just make one in Photoshop (including the words), send me the source files, and I can implement it pretty quickly.

Enjoy the Wine Life…Today!!!


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

One thought on “WLT Badge Gallery coming online!”

  1. hi Joel – I was really excited when I saw you had a chicklet gallery (I was expecting small chickens 😉 but this is still pretty cool! Two things:

    1. How do use these via the Feedflare “Toast”? Or am I missing something?

    2. I like the look of the mid sized graphic, but at least on my display I can barely see the number. It has no contrast against the red glass behind it. Maybe a different color than white? I also found the fact that the number was an active link confusing at first – seems to me you just want the Toast! to be active…?

    thanks! – j


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