Wine Blogging Mega-merger Announced!

Wine Life Today announces definitive agreement to purchase Vivi’s Wine Journal

Extends community relation and interaction with the addition of veteran wine blogging site

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Jan. 3, 2008 – In a stock transaction valued at $300 million dollars, Wine Life Today has announced its intention to acquire Vivi’s Wine Journal and all its assets. The merger adds a communication vehicle for the latest in wine and marketing technologies to Wine Life Today’s growing news community and is expected to cut operating costs of the two companies by 50%. Upon hearing the news, stock in Wine Spectator dropped 34% on speculation that the combined entities are a signal of a more significant Wine 2.0 push in 2008….

OK, so I made that all up (or most of it). I figured it would garner some attention. You clicked through didn’t you?

I figure its worth $300M, so I gave Kelly $300M in Wine Life Today stock and she transferred $300M worth of control over Vivi’s to me. Granted, there were no bankers involved but I think I got a pretty good deal.


I know that sounds crazy but if you live in Sili-Valley you don’t know how close to the truth this transaction really is. These guys all know each other and basically set valuations in the most random ways with random numbers! (see Facebook valuation)

Seriously though, after a defeat for “Best Wine Blog Graphics” last year, weeks and months of working and tooling, and teaching ourselves new skills, Kelly and I are finally proud to announce our re-imagining of Vivi’s Wine Journal. We’ve decided to combine Vivi’s with Wine Life Today and create the new “Wine Life Today Blog”. This will allow us to combine our work on WLT with our blogging efforts and to push the envelope of Wine Blog design by giving me more flexibility in programming and creativity. Wine Blogs have evolved, wine marketing has evolved, and Wine Life Today is evolving. Stay tuned to Vivi’s new blog (still lovingly dedicated to the memory of our Aunt Viviane McGuffie) for all thats new in the world of wine blogging and commentary on how technology and marketing will affect wine in the future!

Watch out, GoodGrape. I’m bringin’ my A-game this year! (Be sure to hit the front page for the full effect!)

And, of course, Enjoy the Wine Life!!!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

2 thoughts on “Wine Blogging Mega-merger Announced!”

  1. Wow, congratulations you two. All that dough should keep you in excellent vino for some time! On a more serious note, looking forward to Vivi’s new blog.


  2. Interesting developments – I for one are excited how the wine blogging field is developing and am watching what you come up with with keen interest.


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