New Site Feature – Video Wine 2.0 site reviews…

I came across a useful tool that I’m going to implement. I surf MANY wine related websites. I wish I could write about them all and share that with you. Unfortunately, I can’t. But what I can do, now that I’ve found the tool to let me do it, is create short screencast reviews of sites I find and my impressions of them. I’m testing this out so bear with me on the first review.

Since I literally just figured this out I wanted to put my first review up. See what you think of it. Its optimized for 1024×768. I’m not totally psyched about how this came out, but I’ll improve with practice.

Overall, I’m still not completely sold on Snooth but I think it could build up to a good new tool. It may be suffering from a little bit of a “critical mass” issue in that not enough people are using the tool (yet).

Check out the video. If this works out, it was easy to do and I’ll record more of my online wine adventures.

Enjoy the wine life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

2 thoughts on “New Site Feature – Video Wine 2.0 site reviews…”

  1. Enjoyed that, thanks – perhaps a little more indepth next time (exploring the links, the tags, how easy to enter a wine note).

    Perhaps a comparison with could be on your next vid. Looks similar to snooth only with a better name.


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