What does the iPhone mean to the Wine world?

iPhone? On a wine blog? Why the hell not. Its everywhere else today. The media blitz is rivaling anything Microsoft or any tech company has ever done.

So how does the iPhone related to wine? Simply, its a sign of things to come. I’ll most likely be out there in a line somewhere (there are a couple of stores that are back-water Cingular stores that won’t have lines that are incredibly bad).

So, sign of the things to come. This leads to the whole “Wine 2.0” discussion and is the current crop the right thing. Basically, with this first foray into truly mobile computing we are seeing a couple of important things – 1. Memory and computing power is effectively not an issue and 2. Wireless broadband will be everywhere – one way or the other – it will be everywhere. So with that, and with my call to have Wine 2.0 people “think different” (pun intended), start by assuming that memory and computing is infinite and broadband is wireless and everywhere. What does that do to your business models? How do we leverage this to enhance the wine experience and not just “share notes” all around.

So thank you, Apple. From the wine tech community, THANK YOU.

To the Wine technology community, I’ll steal Apple’s line and with devices like the iPhone, look at your development and THINK DIFFERENT! Help every one Enjoy the Wine Life!

Oh, by the way, here is a link to a live stream of the Palo Alto iPhone line:

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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