Not Wine Related but Really Funny

So this totally isn’t wine related and I know I haven’t posted in a while but this is just hilarious.  I typically read Google News to find something to write about because it aggregates content based on subject in an automated fashion.  So you can see many stories and images on related subjects from different topics in one place.  Its actually a thing of beauty.

This almost made me bust a gut.  Under the “Health” section I found this:

Articles around the rapid spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea and the image related to this topic?  Why none other than PARIS HILTON! 

That is hilarious that an automated, XML, computer to computer interaction linked the two subjects…Am I just a huge tool for seeing the humor in that? 

Anyway, I’m on my way home to have one of my new favorites:

Escafeld Petit Verdot available at WineQ for a measly $20, which means 2 bottles from WineQ and shipping is free…

There, now I don’t feel guilty for not posting anything wine related…

Smile and Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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