INSANELY cool improvement to Vivi’s…

OK, I’ve found the functionality that each and every wine blogger in the world should add to their blog. Its called “AnswerTips” and it allows you to click any word, abosolutely ANY word on this blog and have a pop-up window tell you what the definition of that word is. Its a “widget” for TypePad blogs and a little tricky to setup for advanced templates. Not sure its available for Blogger et al but if you can figure it out it is well worth it. Here is the code that adds the functionality to my site. I don’t think its site specific so if you know how to work with well-formed XML, have at it…

Download XML here…

If you figure it out for other platforms beyond TypePad, post about it and leave a link here so other can find out how!

Thanks AnswerTips for helping us Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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