Nuvo wine gadget for temperature

There seems to be a new wine temperature gadget about every year or so.  This on incorporates some interesting technology and actually has quite a bit of promise, though at $50 a pop its probably for the more serious wine consumer who might actually care about the exact temperature of wine.

Nuvo Vino has created an infrared wine temperature gauge.  Basically it works like those fancy doctor thermometers that you stick in your ear (or in my case my baby daughter’s ear) to see if you have a fever.  Hold the gauge about an inch away from the wine and it will tell you the temperature.  Do the same for the bottle and it will tell you the temperature of the wine inside the bottle.

Understanding the guidelines for wine temperature (here or here are some recommendations)is more important than the detail of the temperature so this is probably a bit over the top and really not necessary just kind of a jazzy, techno-tool, wine geek gadget…which is why I need one immediately


NuvoVino – $49.99 

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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