Interesting goings on in the World of Wine

Yes, I’m a loser, a slacker, a complete tool for not updating my beloved blog for so long.  I had good reason – new job with a big company that required quite a bit of care and feeding b/c I had to launch a major initiative 3 months after walking in the door.  “A dream for some, a nightmare to others…” (if you can name where I got that quote you are a bigger tool than I am and you’ve played too many mid-evil RPGs).

Anyway, lots has been going on in the wine world.  So I’ll kick back, relax, and blog over a glass of wine. 

Let me apologize for my absence and see if I can summarize some of my favorite additions to The Wine Life in during my LOA… launched.  The goal is to address “fill in the gaps” of information on the CA wine industry by opening up the information on the site to the community that uses the site.  Effectively augmenting region information with community and traveler input.  According to them:

The Calwineries community is built for, and around you. Each member has a unique outlook on wine, bringing their own preferences and experiences to share. While one person cannot explain wine, the sum total of everyone can. Even if you haven’t tried a wine, someone else has. Even if you don’t understand an aspect of wine, someone else does. Our community is there for you to learn, discover, discuss and enjoy California wine.

Very nicely designed site with interesting prospects and use of  “Web 2.0” features (social networking).  Worth a look.

People in Wine Photography Competition was announced.  This is pretty interesting.  Apparently wine professionals and consumers can send in their photographs to win an Olympus camera. Self-portraits are allowed.  Meant to be a nice celebration of those who enjoy the Wine Life – we’re happy to help. launched. Wine e-commerce site focused mainly on South African wine.  That is certainly an up-and-coming wine region with a landscape that is very unique (if you ever get a chance to visit).  Many have a vision on wine country as rolling hills and vineyards, but I’ve known many people who have gone to South Africa and, aside from the very reasonably priced wines, have commented on the beauty of a landscape with vineyards among sheer cliffs as much as rolling hills.  A new facet on The Wine Life. launch a “Wine 2.0” section of the blog.  Tim at Winecast and I have been investigating what makes a good “social networking” site for one of the most social and experiential beverages in the history of man – wine.  If “Web 2.0” is the evolution of the Internet into something that emulates and enhances social interaction then “Wine 2.0” is the extension of that concept to the Wine Life.  The blogosphere, aggregators, and my very own site are all open for discussion.  What Internet-based wine site will truly capture this opportunity?

“Women of the Vine” book published.  Haven’t read it but it may be worth a look.  According to the book:

If you are passionate and believe in what you are doing, work is not a job but a way of life. For today’s enterprising women in the wine industry, it is their passion for their careers in wine that both defines them and unites them. More than a book about wine, Women of the Vine connects with today’s women in the wine industry, whose passions dictate how they lead their lives, how they fight adversity and conquer gender stereotypes in an often male-dominated workplace—and how their calling has taken them on the most rewarding journeys of their lives.

I could probably make some comments about this book and the irony that in its use of  “gender stereotypes” as a descriptor, but that would be a shameless attempt by me to stir up passions to get more hits on this blog. 

I got hit with multiple press releases but none of them were too interesting.

I made it up to the Wine Spectator Grand Tasting a couple weeks ago in San Francisco.  You’ve never seen so many well-heeled, fancy drunk people in your life!  it was pretty fun but the highlight was clearly the Schafer wine.  I would post my tasting notes but after the 4th or 5th taste, it wasn’t worth noting because my tongue was numb…and I was buzzin’ pretty hard…

Thanks for the e-mails “reminding” me that Vivi’s hasn’t been updated in a while and look out for more developments on  Until next time, Enjoy the Wine Life!


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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