New Wine Blog…with my favorite rating system!

Well, as the NBC television saying goes “if you haven’t seen it then its new to you!” (lame way to try to excuse running repeat programming, but good description of my relationship with Grape Juice

).  Well this site is new to me even though its been around since late 2005.

Owner of the Grape Juice blog, and current Wine Life Today BETA tester, Erin contacted me about exchaning links and the fact that I hadn’t run across her great blog until she reached out to me is a testament to the rate of increase of the wine blogosphere.

First,  I do believe that Erin and I share the same stock photo of a wine glass in the background of our blog headers…this shows she has a great eye for nice wine photo and how to use it in an artistic way

 (look at the Vivi’s header).

Second, the content on the site is well organized and very attractively displayed.

But third, and most important, is the rating system employed!  I gotta say, the number system is hard to swallow because its usually one man/woman’s opinion which has infinite possible variations and therefore cannot possible represent what the average person will think.  Grape Juice scraps that idea in favor of the following:

Rating System

Not Even On Pain of Death: I’d pretty much run screaming from this wine if I ever saw it again.

I Wouldn’t Make Faces: Not my choice, but if someone were to serve it to me at a gathering of some sort, I wouldn’t turn up my nose.

I’d Hit It: A good wine, but not necessarily mindblowing. I’d consider buying it again.

Repeat Offender: I’ll be buying this one again. A wine with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’

Bet Your Bottom Dollar: A sure-fire hit. Even your mother-in-law would like this one.

I find alot of “I’d hit that” wines myself and I think the double entendre speaks for itself (as this rating is used between buddies and I quite often when we go out drinking


From the site it seems as if Erin has a partner, Michelle (my daughter’s middle name), and so with this I say “Hello” to Erin and Michelle and welcome to the wine blogosphere!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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