Wine Life social news site

So with idle hands we’ve done it again.  I worked with Kelly to pull together a news site that combines wine fanaticism and functionality.  Its now ready for public Beta testing!

The project is called “Wine Life Today” and is wine news for wine lovers, by wine lovers.  With this site, the community has editorial control!  What that means is “Front Page” news is determined by articles that the community likes best.  Its simple, you can review submitted article and vote for them.  Once they recieve enough votes, they make it out of the newsroom and onto the front page!

This is a great tool for bloggers and heavy wine readers.  After
accumulating many many wine-related news links and blogs (see the side
bar of Vivi’s!) I found it IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of everything and
wanted a way to hit the top stories from everywhere.  I use “” for tech news and thats GREAT!  So a couple months ago we started working on the “” for Wine News, and Wine Life Today was born.

As a community member you can contribute your articles (and
consequently get traffic to your site if they’re popular), vote on
articles to determine “Front Page News”, get RSS feeds of popular news,
and follow what your friends are doing in the community.

Sign up today and give it a try!  Send us feedback, we have lots of
“possible” functions we can add but at this point it has to be up to
the community to decide what happens next!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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