Wine Blogging Wednesday #23 on Vivi’s – BBQ Wines!

Vivi’s is proud to host July’s edition of the monthly virtual tasting party and the topic is – Bar-B-Que Wines!  This topic might seem Northern Hemisphere biased but there are two

things to note about that –

1.  When Lenn graciously accepted Vivi’s as a home for WBW#23 it was July 2005 and WBW wasn’t quite as global as it is now and

2.  I use my Bar-B-Que YEAR ROUND!  Rain or shine, East Coast or West Coast, there was never an excuse not to fire up the grill and cook up some good eats!

So with that I thought it would be great to hear what the wine blogosphere pairs with their BBQ meals.   Hot weather, cold weather, red, white, charcoal, wood burning, or propane we want to hear about your BBQ wine experience.

If you would like to take part in WBW#23, fire up the grill, choose a wine, look at it, sniff it,

taste it, drink and then write something about it on your blog.  Post a trackback or comment here on Vivi’s with a link back to your tasting note.  On Wednesday July 5th I’ll start collecting the notes and post a round-up article so we can see what the world pairs with their grillin’!

If you don’t have a blog, just send them to me via e-mail ( and I’ll include them in my round up.

One last note – we at Vivi’s have been developing a community news site – think “ meets Wine Bloggers”.  Its ready for public BETA testing and is designed to give create a news site where the wine community has editorial control (and provide traffic back to community contributors).  We’ve been developing it for a couple months but its time to get some community feedback!  The wine blogosphere has given Kelly and I so many good wine experiences we thought we’d give back to the wine blogosphere!  Sign up, check it out, send feedback – with the way this community participates this can be a very useful tool.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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