Wine clubs – are they for discounts or more?

Wine clubs are an interesting beast. Working on a couple of consulting projects I realized that most wine clubs seem to offer no other benefit than sending me wine and giving me a chance to purchase more of it at a discount.

Is that it? Is there more? Some have a panel of experts (aka “wine buyers” or “sommeliers”) that taste a whole bunch of wines and send you something that basically doesn’t suck. They then send you wine in the form of “wine of the month”. Wineries use wine clubs to give members special insights to their new releases or special dinners.

As a project, I’m setting out to understand what truly is the benefit, from a user standpoint, of a wine club. Did you sign up? If so, why? If not, why not? If a wine club could be more useful, what would you suggest they do?

Wine clubs come in different varieties but feedback on any of them will do. You have wine clubs from retailers (its hard to tell which ones are putting in the work and which ones are getting rid of overstock), wine clubs from wineries (usually accompanied with some nice perks), online wine clubs (not sure what the advantage is here other than pre-tasted wines so that you don’t stumble on crap…but who’s to say its not crap anyway), and others. If you have a comment go ahead and post it. I’m going to be gathering data from everywhere that I can and I’ll post the findings here.

Oh, if you LOVE your wine club, please contribute that too. You can e-mail me at or post a comment to this letter.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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