Wines with Zing! for Spring – It’s Time for Sauvignon Blanc

Article contributed by Eve White

The flowers are blooming; the sun is shining. This is the season to start thinking about Sauvignon Blanc. Maybe it is the renewal of nature that signals my return to wines from the sauvignon blanc grape, or maybe the warm air prompts me to move from the deep reds of winter to a chilled white wine. Whatever the reason, this is the season for these lively wines with a zing of acidity and melon fruit flavors. In the New World these lovely white wines, ranging in color from straw yellow to pale yellow-green, are produced from Chile to New Zealand to California . Here they exhibit an herbaceous quality with lively citrus or melon fruit flavors. Sauvignon blanc, also known as Fume blanc in California , may confuse consumers because of the different names it carries, but don’t be confused. Buy a bottle, pour a glass and sniff. Ahhhh! It reminds me of freshly cut grass on a glorious spring day.

In France’s Loire valley, the wine named Sancerre is made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape grown in the chalky soils on the banks of the Loire river. This wine is a delight, offering distinctly different characteristics from New World sauvignon blancs but the similar freshness of bright fruit and intense flavors. The pronounced minerality of this wine is the signature of Sancerre, and is sometimes described as smoke or gunflint. An appealing steely flavor, it excites the mouth and imparts a racy quality to the wine, leaving you wanting more.

Pair these winning whites from the New World or Old, with shellfish or serve them as sippers with a selection of appetizers. You will delight in the sensations ranging from grapefruit to melon, herb to mineral and your taste buds will thank you.

Crisp, chilled and steely fresh. When you need a break from chardonnay try the sauvignon blanc grape in its many varieties. One sip and you will know why they are so popular – Sancerre and Sauvignon blanc. Try the 2003 Jean Max Roger Sancerre Cuvee D ($28), the 2004 Loica Sauvignon Blanc ($18) from Chile and 2005 Merryvale Starmont Sauvignon Blanc ($22). Available at – direct from the winery or at auction online. Fine wines are affordable prices.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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