Wine Storage Basics

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contributed article by Eve C. White

For a wine novice or connoisseur, proper wine storage is extremely important. You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your wine in top shape – even your precious California cabernets, however, you may prevent some major disappointments if you remember these wine storage tips.

Your storage options may be limited by space or budget, but whether you opt for a rack in the back of dark closet, a wine refrigerator, or (sigh) a custom-designed, humidity controlled walk-in cellar, regulating the three most important conditions, temperature light and humidity, will be imperative to wine storage success.

The key to proper long-term wine storage is to consistently regulate temperature, light and humidity. Temperature is the most important. The ideal temp for wine is 55 F, although a range of 45-65F is acceptable and easily maintained. Colder temperatures will slow the aging process while warmer temps may actually promote premature aging. A constant temperature is key as rapid fluctuations increase chances that air will get past the cork as the wine expands and contracts in the bottle. If enough oxygen reaches the wine, it may prove fatal for your juice.

Direct sunlight is another mortal enemy of wine, which is why cool dark and damp basements make a unique and cost effective wine cellar. And, speaking of dampness, humidity plays an important role in wine storage. Low humidity dries out the cork, allowing air to seep in so a moderate humidity level is the best. Again, consistency is the key to long term storage.

Now what about short-term wine storage for say…next weekend? Certainly a cupboard, a closet or a wine rack on the kitchen counter (out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source) will be sufficient to store the wine for the short term, assuming the interior of your home is kept at a reasonably comfortable and consistent temperature but be advised even a nice little bottle from the local wine merchant for next week’s dinner party may turn into undrinkable bitter “plonk” if left in a blazing hot car, or on a sunny windowsill for several days in a row.

So, drink up – keep it cool – and good luck with your Personal Cellar!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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