Two interesting new sites…

Got a couple referrals to some interesting new wine sites this week.  I know, its been a while since I’ve posted anything but the reality of life is hitting.  I started a consulting company which has made the last several weeks VERY hectic, and, of course, my little angel daughter is just starting daycare so there’s been adjustment there as well.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand – the two new sites.  These two sites are showing me that the wine cyber-community is getting more and more sofisticated.  Both are very cool and worth a look.

First site The Wine Library.  At first glance its a nice, comprehensive wine retail site.  Apparently based out of New Jersey and, I’m happy to say, I can now purchase from there and have it shipped to CA.  The cool part about The Wine Library is its innovative use of a very new medium – Video Blogging or vlogging, as I’ve heard some Silicon Valley types call it.  Wine Library publishes “Wine Library TV” which they describe as follows:

Conceived as a “day in the life” view into our experiences with wine and the wine trade, this section will feature audio/video shorts perhaps focusing on a particular wine, or a grape-growing region, a winemaker, or some aspect of what we do here at the shop with a view toward sharing our professional lives with the consumer to confer a deeper understanding of the many joys, chores, and even the disappointments of working in the wine trade. Our hope is that you will be educated, amused, inspired, and perhaps even a little angered by what we present. But since this is indeed a blog, we also hope that you will express your views and challenge and educate us in return.

Site uses .MOV files so you need Quicktime.  Check it out.  Very cool.

The second site was sent to me by another friend.  Women and Wine is a very comprehensive site with tons of information and targeted squarely at women.  The reason I find this site interesting is because its obvious that there is money coming into the wine sites.  This site has an associated magazine, been reviewed on CNN (obviously has PR efforts in full force), and its kind of the next evolution of what you can do with a wine related site.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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