Wine Pairing with Indian Food

Our friends at have a blog with alot of good recommendations and we found this one worth reprinting for visitors to Vivi’s.  Indian food isn’t very straight forward when it comes to pairing wines so this is a helpful suggestion.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Wine Pairing with Indian Food

My good friends celebrated a birthday last night with an Indian feast. They asked if I had any suggestions for wine pairing, so I took to the net to do some research. I was surprised at the considerable amount of discussion on the topic of pairing Indian food and wine, and I thought I would share the information. While there are various opinions, most agree on that “complex wines pair well with simple foods, and simple wines pair well with complex foods.”

  • Traditional Pairing: Gewürztraminer. The lychee fruit flavors with a hint of spice are good compliments because they have sweet flavors that strong enough to stand up to the complex spicy seasoning of Indian
  • New School: Find a white with crisp clean flavors. A young and fresh white with a balance of sweet and acid will compliment Indian. For example, a Chenin Blanc can pair well with chicken tikka masala, somosas, or naan. This wine is strong enough to hold up to Indian without stealing the show.
  • Room for Red?: Reds will go better with lightly seasoned Indian including tandori. Reds that are juicy rather than spicy, with round flavors are better. For example, a chilled Cotes du Rhone or an Old Vine Grenache can pair with chicken curry. Wines made on the Mediterranean coast are often made to stand up to spicy foods, and they can often pair well with Indian.
  • Avoid: Any wine with alcohol content above 13% will probably intensify the burn of the Indian.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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