Redskins won! Wine went down smoooth!

As promised, defensive struggle with two good defenses and two bad offenses.  Redskins win with a 9–7 victory.  The Fireblock Shiraz was equally a nice match for the grilled “Vivi’s Steak” that we had for lunch.  There is an actual “Vivi’s Steak” recipe.  My aunt Vivi was a wonderful cook and baker and she always had a steak and a chocolate cake waiting for me as I would drive home from College in Boston to her house in Syosset, NY.  Before she passed she gave me the recipe and, as anyone can attest who’s had it at my place, there’s nothing like it.  A spicy rub combined with the perfectly grilled steak that can stand up to any big red you throw at it.  Top that with a Redskins’ victory and I’m a happy camper… at least until next Sunday


As for the inputs that I got from others, interestingly there are mostly white preferred by Football watchers.  Thats usually the way it is though, you have some pre-conceived notions about wine drinkers and they actually are more varied than you’d think!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

(btw:  smack-talk is welcome, as long as its clean – bring it)

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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