Cuvaison New Releases – Recommend for under $25

So I’m not too big on posting a whole ton of tasting notes on the blog because this is about everything that makes the wine life great, not just tasting all day long.  However, every now and then I find some wines that actually are worth noting and when I find them I want to make sure I convey the message to all the readers.

Two such wines are new releases from Cuvaison.  Kelly and I have been fans of the Cuvaison Chardonnay for a few years now.  If you’re bookin’ out of the house and need a nice white to grab from the store to go to a friend’s house with then Cuvaison is consistent enough to just grab-n-go with.  When I was offered the Pinot, however, I was intrigued.

So I grabbed the new release of the old, reliable Napa Valley Carneros Chardonnay

and Pinot Noir

and planned a couple meals to go with them.  In summary, I got what I was expecting from the Chardonnay – a very solid Napa Chard for around $20 – and I got quite a surprise from the Pinot – a very good Pinot Noir from a warm climate region (Napa).  I recommend both to anyone looking for really good wine at the sub-$25 price point.

Tasting Notes:

With the 2003 Chardonnay Napa Valley Carneros I prepared a grilled wild salmon with a lemon basil Aioli


It had a very vivid yellow gold color which typifies California Chardonnay.  I would describe the aroma as honey and melon.  This Chardonnay is very full bodied, melon and nectarine flavors, with a long vanilla finish.  It pair really well with a flavorful fish dish.  If you have a lighter dish it may overwhelm the food’s flavor.

With the 2003 Pinot Noir Napa Valley Carneros I made some braised lamb (a salty garlic marinade recipe I have). 

The wine has a beautiful, lively ruby color with a clean red cherry aroma.  I could’ve sworn I caught a hint of mint in there but Kelly didn’t agree.  The wine itself is fairly full bodied for a Pinot, but you would expect that from a warm weather Pinot Noir.  Its velvety smooth black cherry taste moves effortlessly into a long smoke finish.  It went great with the Lamb and I could see sipping a glass outside while puffing a nice Padron cigar.

Grab some of these if you’re looking for good wines under $25.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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