Wine Drinking for the Egg-Allergic

A question came in from reader CPT Pyro asking about a recommendation on what to do if you’re very sensitive or allergic to eggs but still would like to drink wine.  A really good question that I haven’t had the opportunity to think about until now (hence the reason we blog – to learn and to help others learn about enjoying the wine life!).

First, what do eggs have to do with Wine?  Well, if you’re allergic to eggs you should listen up for a quick second.

Many wines use egg whites in a process called ‘fining’.  Fining is method used to clear wine of impurities during the winemaking process before bottling.  Fining can dissolve unwanted substances and particles that filtration can’t always clear.  This is usually done by adding egg whites which form ionic bonds to the particles and then drop them out of the wine.  I’ve heard it works better with red wines than with whites.

This is a problem for the egg-allergic because, as you will find if you ask around, there is no way to know if a wine uses egg products or not unless you ask the wine maker for the wine you’re about to drink. 

The best suggestion we’ve found (outside of asking wine makers until you find one made with a coagulant other than egg whites) is to go for Vegan wines.  Now there aren’t many but its a start.  As a general rule, vegan wines won’t use eggs but other than that you’ll have to interrogate winemakers to find specific wines that meet that criteria.

But now you know – allergic to eggs = talk to the winemaker or hit a vegan wine but always BE CAREFUL!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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