Wine Gadget – Personal Aerator – Does it suck?

Found another wine gadget that, while I haven’t used it, I’m pretty skeptical about.  Its the WinePrism by O2 Essential Ideas out of Napa, CA.  Billed not as a replacement for casual wine drinking but a tool to enhance flavors for serious tasters, the WinePrism is (according to their website):

Through a small aerating hole, air and wine are combined in the glass stem allowing the connoisseur to evaluate wine more precisely and consistently than by the common method of drawing in air by the “reverse whistle” technique.

In English – its a straw…with a hole…

But what’s the use?

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I’m a huge fan of reading about a “hot” wine either online somewhere or in a magazine and then doing my homework online and through my wine friends network (sort of like the Psychic friends network but without the pizzazz) and finding the little known, bargain masterpieces.  The latest hunting tool I’ve found is

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Wine Gadget – Hanging Greeting Cards

GifToppers are full greeting cards that you can hang on you wine bottle that you’re giving as a gift.  Its purpose – keep you from going through the trouble of actually handing your card to the intended receiver!

Seriously, each GifTopper is hand-made by David Gregory, Inc., one of the Midwest’s most unique custom invitation and gift stores.  The website describes the GifToppers as follows:

What is it?
GifToppers! cards are a unique way to identify your gifts.  They are printed on heavy card stock and are available blank or greeted.  You can add your own artwork or corporate logo, your own sentiment or choose from several standard designs available in numerous categories such as new home, birthday, wedding, anniversary, and dinner guest to name just a few.

Why is it different?
Each card has a built-in loop designed handle.  The cards fold and close with a tab, so you can write a message inside which won’t be seen until the card is opened.

Why it’s unique!
GifToppers! offers customization and personalization options to create a card that is unique to each customer.  With so much of our daily interactions made more impersonal through email, voice mail, the Internet, etc., a personal touch itself becomes a unique gift.

The GifToppers are available online at the company’s website.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

True Value in the Languedoc

Simon Thomson, Managing Director of UK-based Talking Wines Ltd., is on a perpetual quest for good value wines and contributes this article to Vivi’s on his findings in the Languedoc region of France.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


My continuous quest to find interesting good value, quality wine recently led me to the Languedoc region in the south of France. I visited at the invitation of a French wine agent based in Carsassonne who represents a number of independent vineyards in the region. I spent a hectic but very pleasant few days with Jerome driving me from one vineyard to the next. The tasting was non-stop and many of the wines were of excellent quality.

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This one time, at Wine Camp…

If you’re a regular reader of Wine Blogging Wednesdays or this blog then you’re probably already familiar with Long Island wines from our friend Lenn at LENNDEVOURS.  If you’re a first time visitor, there is a thriving wine region in New York thats emerging as a premier appellation – Long Island – which also happens to be the birthplace of me so its that much better!

One of NY’s best kept secrets, the Long Island Wine Region is being promoted by the Long Island Wine Region Bed & Breakfast Group in a very unique way – a four day Wine Camp for adults.  The press release notes:

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