Wine Gadget – “Unbreakable” Wine Glass

Big time quotes around “Unbreakable” here because that is clearly marketing but Schott-Zwiesel has a wine glass that is break resistent and dishwasher safe while being as delicate and clear as your high-end Riedel glasses.  Now if you’ve never broken a wine glass I can say two things about it –

1.  The “finer” wine glasses break easily.

2.  If you drop one it doesn’t break, it explodes!  I’ve found shards of glass 15 feet away after dropping a wine glass.

The Schott-Zwiesel Tritan glasses


 are fairly reasonable in price at about $65 USD for a set of 6 when you consider comparable Reidel


glasses can run you almost twice that much.  And why pay double for more delicate glasses?  The only thing more hotly contested than cork versus screwcap is the allegation that the glass makes a huge difference in the taste…the shape, sure, but the actual glass?  C’mon.

So for a reasonable price you can get break resistent, dishwasher safe wine glasses.  Sounds like a deal to me!

[thanks to Andrew at Spittoon for catching this one]

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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