Wine Gadget – Personal Aerator – Does it suck?

Found another wine gadget that, while I haven’t used it, I’m pretty skeptical about.  Its the WinePrism by O2 Essential Ideas out of Napa, CA.  Billed not as a replacement for casual wine drinking but a tool to enhance flavors for serious tasters, the WinePrism is (according to their website):

Through a small aerating hole, air and wine are combined in the glass stem allowing the connoisseur to evaluate wine more precisely and consistently than by the common method of drawing in air by the “reverse whistle” technique.

In English – its a straw…with a hole…

But what’s the use?

Well, the claim is that by drawing air into the sip before it hits the mouth you start to bring out the subtle flavors and flaws that help you gauge the wine’s taste and ageability.  If you wait until its in your mouth then, according to O2, the pH of your mouth starts to change the flavor potentially masking some of the subtly.

The website does come with helpful instructions for usage: 

Instructions for use: Place the Wine Prism into a glass of wine completely submerging the wine inlet port at the bottom of the glass stem. Then, draw wine up the Wine Prism by sucking with sufficient force so that a solid stream of wine is pulled up to the aerating hole. Make sure aerating hole is not covered by fingers.

Again, in English – (1) put the straw in wine, (2) suck.

Pretty much a wine tool for the gadget-freak, person-who-has-everything-already.  At $19.95 you can grab one off their website…and yes, I’m probably going to get one just because I can

.  Aside from the potential to swallow tons of air and give myself horrible gas I figure “why not”?

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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