– The Ideal Wine Search Utility

I’m a huge fan of reading about a “hot” wine either online somewhere or in a magazine and then doing my homework online and through my wine friends network (sort of like the Psychic friends network but without the pizzazz) and finding the little known, bargain masterpieces.  The latest hunting tool I’ve found is

One of my favorite tools to date is because it has just a tremendous line up of wine retailers in its database.  Slap a wine and vintage in there and if its being sold somewhere in the world – BAM – it comes up in your results.  Another decent tool is  Not quite the number of retailers as but pretty decent.

Recently, though, I came across a site that is still in Beta but has the makings of my new favorite wine search engine –

I’m testing it out to see if it can track down some of the more difficult wines to buy.  The results haven’t been quite as extensive as, but it has returned results for multiple wines that I have entered.  It has a nice feature that allows it to filter based on wine shipping regulations (so that you don’t tease yourself with the un-gettable perfect wine…e.g. so you don’t envy us CA natives

).  It also provides a “MySites” feature that allows you to enter your favorite retailers and refine your search to only those retailers that you want to patronize.  But wait, there’s more…

WineFetch also provides a customizable “Wine Agent”.  A Wine Agent is a personalized web searcher to find you that great bottle at the price you want. Simply provide the name of the wine and the price you want to pay and the WineFetch Agent will notify you when any year for the particular bottle is within the price.   You can narrow the agent down to a particular year also.  But wait, there’s more…

As a kicker, WineFetch throws in a “Cheese Pairing” section to the site.  With an extensive list of cheeses you can choose cheese and get wine suggestions or choose a wine and get cheese suggestions.  Not wiz-bang advancement of technology but definitely handy to have around.

WineFetch is also differentiating itself by providing some nice value-added features beyond the pure search engine and database stuff.  For one – a personalized “My Cellar” feature which allows you to enter tasting notes and create a database of your wine notes.  You can also sign up for Wine Classes.  There isn’t too much info on the site about those, but it is in Beta so we’ll see how that all goes.

To round it all out, WineFetch is spitting out some knowledge through their WineFetch Blog.  Get the latest information on WineFetch and some interesting opinion articles on this latest entry to the Wine Blogosphere.

All-in-all the added features of this wine search engine make it a nice, well rounded offering.  A place worth launching your wine searches from with features that make it worth coming back to.  Nice job, WineFetch.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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