Wine Gadget – Hanging Greeting Cards

GifToppers are full greeting cards that you can hang on you wine bottle that you’re giving as a gift.  Its purpose – keep you from going through the trouble of actually handing your card to the intended receiver!

Seriously, each GifTopper is hand-made by David Gregory, Inc., one of the Midwest’s most unique custom invitation and gift stores.  The website describes the GifToppers as follows:

What is it?
GifToppers! cards are a unique way to identify your gifts.  They are printed on heavy card stock and are available blank or greeted.  You can add your own artwork or corporate logo, your own sentiment or choose from several standard designs available in numerous categories such as new home, birthday, wedding, anniversary, and dinner guest to name just a few.

Why is it different?
Each card has a built-in loop designed handle.  The cards fold and close with a tab, so you can write a message inside which won’t be seen until the card is opened.

Why it’s unique!
GifToppers! offers customization and personalization options to create a card that is unique to each customer.  With so much of our daily interactions made more impersonal through email, voice mail, the Internet, etc., a personal touch itself becomes a unique gift.

The GifToppers are available online at the company’s website.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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