Wine vs Beer: Americans making the switch

It seems in the US, wine has pulled into a statistical tie with Beer as the preferred alcoholic beverage,

according to a Gallop Poll recently released:

For the first time in more than a decade of Gallup polling, there is a statistical tie between wine and beer as the alcoholic beverage adult drinkers say they drink most often. One might assume that beer drinkers have merely switched over to wine. But a close review of the data suggests a more complicated shift in drinking patterns. One demographic group previously dominated by beer drinkers is showing increased interest in liquor, while another is switching from beer to wine. The biggest story to be found in these changes is among young adults.

Some speculated that it was some sort of “Sideways” affect – total BS.  I don’t think Sideways affected beer drinkers but the fact that wine, in general, is growing and being marketed heavily as a “healthy” alcoholic beverage is actually having an effect in American’s attitudes toward wine.  Another hypothesis of mine – media-related wine enthusiasts (blogger et al) working hard to de-“snobify” wine and make it distinctively American (as opposed to something distinctively French – which doesn’t go over well here) hasn’t hurt either.

LA Times has a good write-up of the results.

America, continue to Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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