Aussie wineries’ Evil Genius…

Its interesting and not widely known that a while back, I believe it was about 10 years ago, the Australian wine industry made a conscious effort to target the US market.  An article by Dan Berger in the Napa Valley Register reminded me because he was noting the success they’ve had:

In a rare bit of industry cooperation, the Australian Wine Foundation released a major, detailed plan for international marketing of its wines in 1996. Called Strategy 2025, it was a statement of how the Australian wine industry could increase its market share.

Its 30-year goal has now nearly been achieved, in less than 10 years!

In fact, the success of that Aussie campaign has prompted Australian wine strategists to refurbish Strategy 2025 to refocus attention on the diversity of the nation’s sub-regions.

He goes on to make note of some other stats about US imports increasing despite the weak dollar policy.  Its a good article and worth the read but more importantly it says something about California wine, particularly Northern CA wine.  If we can import wine from other nations at the same quality and buy it for less even with a weak dollar governmental policy don’t you think your wine is somewhat over priced?  And if you think your marketshare loss i

s bad now, wait until the dollar actually strengthens.

Kelly and I are shining examples of this in action.  I bought wine from the Australian Wine Center on a recommendation from a friend (and owner of Aus Wine Center) Gavin Trott, got it shipped here to my door for less then the average bottle of “premium” Napa wine (total was about $25 per bottle – could’ve been $17 when the dollar was stronger).  Those bottles of wine absolutely bury comparably priced CA wines in the areas that CA wines are supposed to be examples of – Big Bold Jammy reds.  With the dollar probably not getting weaker and Australia’s continued focus all I can say is – LOOK OUT!! 

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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